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The HOPE video

A 80 minute video in 12  sections from

creation to the ministry of Jesus. Perfect for children or anyone just coming into the knowledge of God's word.

Watch the 'Interview With God" video. Its's a wonderful

tribute to the Love of God....Enjoy"

Moses is born

Moses and the burning Bush

Plans for the Ark of the


Jesus Heals a Blind Man

Jesus Dies on the Cross

                                VIDEO / ANIMATIONS and CHRISTIAN MUSIC (All copyright permissions granted.)

 The animations are from the wonderful software of Ilumina. (published by Tyndale Publishing House).  Make sure your volume is turned up to hear the audio. The Music/video clips are from various artists.

                       Enjoy..... and remember when you view and hear these things, know.................... HE IS A REALITY!

What a Wonderful World.