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Photo National Geographic Oct. 2008

I was wondering if cave-men were real, and Adam & Eve were the First Humans God created, then did cave-men & dinosaurs exist before Adam & Eve or after?

        First, let me say, the 'cavemen' that we see in books and in movies, that portray men that are hunched over carrying clubs saying 'uug' do not exist anywhere in the Bible.  The bible does not use the word cavemen, however there were people, especially after the flood in Noah's day that did live in caves...hence, they could be referred to as 'cavemen'. Also, after the destruction of Sodom and  Gomorrah, Lot and his family were afraid to live anywhere, so they took up residence in a nearby cave.

       The Cappadonians were an example of early Christians that lived in caves. These people were normal humans that did not walk hunched over or speak unintelligently. Below is an example of the types of dwellings they used.  Some the first followers of  Jesus and his apostles settled in this area to hide from the soldiers of Roman Empire. It is known that St.Paul was looking for a secure place after he was forced to leave Jerusalem. He came to Cappadocia and established the first Christian colony in this region with his followers.

Typical Cappadocian homes carved out of rocks from soft stone formed by volcanic erruptions. Cappadocians were 'cave dwelling people' in Cappadocia. In ancient geography, Cappadocia or Capadocia, Turkish Kapadokya is from Persian (Katpatuka) meaning "the land of beautiful horses", was the name of an extensive inland district of Asia Minor modern Turkey

         Neanderthals are often thought of as "cavemen". They were just humans that had a slightly different appearance than you or me. The "Neanderthal" name came   from the discovery of a human scull sometime in the 1800's in Gibraltar and the name is derived from The Neander Valley in Germany. To believe that these people were the cavemen described by scientists that existed as 'prehistoric man' supports Darwin's theory of Evolution, which the Bible and this Author adamantly rejects! As far as dinosaurs, the Bible does not use the word dinosaur, however, it does use the word "dragon', which if you look in the original Hebrew language, (Strong's #8577- tanniyn) it defines this as a 'marine or land monster'. These referred to animals were probably very large creatures. (see Job 40:15 and 41:1- Leviathan; another type of  large animal).  The remains of the 'dinosaurs' we have found are probably these large animals.

            There are those that believe in an age before the one we are living in now. It is this belief that creates the possibility in ones mind about cavemen, and dinosaurs living millions of years ago. In this author's opinion, the Bible does not give solid evidence of man or animals living before Genesis 1:1. The reason there is a debate about this is because of the interpretation of Genesis 1:2;

"And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters." Gen. 1:2

Some say this is an interpretation error and the verse should read and the earth “became” without form. With this interpretation, it is thought that, if it “became without form”, it must have been something else before, leading to a possibility of an earlier earth age. However a close look at the original language and text shows it should read “the earth was without form”.

        Scientists debate the age of the dinosaurs and the age of the earth, and their conflict with each other is growing stronger each day. If the methods they use to calculate the age of the earth etc. can be proven mathematically, then why do they disagree with each other? There are unanswered  questions  pertaining to the 'carbon dating' process and other methods that are commonly used to date objects found that are believed to be 'millions of years old' and as to how something so old can last so long with the 'rate' at which things decay. The only biblical evidence we have, in my opinion is that God created the creatures in the sea on the fifth day, and Man and the land animals on the  sixth day. (see Genesis 1:20-28). So it was, the sequence of events, (in the sixth day) the animals  were created first then Man was created. Lastly, one has to remember that the scientific methods used today to date the age of the earth were created by man, and it is man who has set up these guidelines in which the thought process of this earth age is being told. All of these issues about a first earth age, the age of the earth being millions of years old etc. are a mute point. Even if God did create a first earth age and then destroyed it, I believe if He wanted us to understand these issues more clearly, He would have emphasized it more. Also, I don't believe it is of any more importance to debate these issues compared to understanding God's word, His intentions, and for us to do His will. The fact remains..................GOD IS A REALITY! Below are four links to audio mp3 files on the subjects relating to evolution  and a young earth age from the well know Christian Theologist and Pastor Dr. James Kennedy. I strongly suggest you listen to each of these as they give undeniable truths on these subjects.

Evolution Part One           Evolution Part Two                                        Young Earth Age Part One          Young Earth Age Part Two