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Do the dead come back to interact with the living, or is this the work of angels or demons?

             As this has become more and more of a common question people have, I have decided to give my opinions on this issue. Many people have written to me telling me of the strange things that have been happening to them. Appliances turning on, feeling the presence of a recently departed family member etc. I would like to give my opinion on these matters from both a Biblical standpoint based upon my understanding of scripture and a somewhat scientific answer as my background is in Engineering.

            First, the most important source, Gods word, the Bible. Are Angels real? Yes. Do demons exists? Yes. The Bible is filled with scriptures speaking about the existence of both Angels (Daniel chapter 10, verses 1-21 for example) and demons (Acts chapter 16, verses 16-18 and Luke chapter 4, verse 41 as examples also). However given all of this, with the exception of when Mosses and Elijah appeared to Jesus on the Mount (Mathew chapter 17, verses 1-8) Nowhere in the Bible does it say the dead come back to interact with the living. What it does say, is that people who indulge themselves in this issue, in other words, asking or calling or any other means to converse with the dead, are creating a serious sin (See the page- what does the bible say about Psychics at

            As far as the scientific reasoning for appliances turning on, as I said, because of my background, I know things can turn on or off by themselves for many reasons such as environmental and malfunction to name a few. Also intentionally, due to the mischief acts of individuals maybe when they are or were young (no, not me....well, maybe).

            Now, some say, they can sense that a departed family member is with them and it makes them feel comfortable, knowing they are there. Let me tell you of my personal experience with this very issue. When I lost my Father, I was at his home alone, I thought this was going to be the hardest thing I could do in my life just by being there. Being in that house that he built, feeling his presence there. Then I felt an awesome kind of comforting feeling. It was almost as if I could actually sense that Jesus sitting right on the couch next to me. I felt so comforted, I can't explain it. So what happened? What or who was there if anybody? I personally believe it was just a felling and that the Lord was comforting me through the Holy Spirit. just giving me a 'sense' of Him being there. Jesus is truly with us. God comforts us in our pain and sorrows.

            So, no, I do not believe it is biblical that dead people come back to life. Can Satan make us believe in these things? As stated above, indulging yourselves in these kinds of activities can open the door to this very thing.