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Missing, but NEVER forgotten

   Jennifer Lynn Fay

             (Our Friend)

From Brockton, MA. Missing since         November 14, 1989

     Melanie Jo Melanson

              (Our Niece)  

    From Woburn, MA. Missing since               October 27, 1989

This is a tribute and special Prayer request that goes out for two beautiful girls that went missing from their families and friends 30 years ago. Their disappearance was separated by less than one month. Our Niece, Melanie on October 27, 1989 and  friend Jennifer on November 14, 1989.  We had the privilege of meeting Jennifer’s family during a candle light vigil. We share their sorrow and anxiety, but we are assured that resolution will come.

Let us Pray:  Dear Lord, although Melanie and Jennifer have never met, we are certain if they did, they would be best of  friends as they share a lot in common. Mostly the love of their families.  Neither one of them have been found and their cases still remain open today. Our  hope for closure is in you dear Lord that your true righteousness and justice prevail over all of the mystery, corruption, cover up that is obvious in both situations. We know it is only by your power that resolution, restful peace and restoration to our lives in this situation can come. We ask you to touch the hearts of those who know, those who are afraid to speak to receive courage to tell what they know, so these innocent young girls may be allowed to come home to their loved ones. Dear Lord, it is with great lamentations we pray that you finally give the comfort you always do in giving us peace. We pray for this dear Lord from the deepest parts of our hearts, in your Son’s name- Jesus Christ.  Amen