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Old and New Testament  

In comparing the original LAW OF MOSES (Referred to as “The Law”) in the Old Testament to the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament, there seems to be, at times a conflict.

The Old Testament describing the 'Law' were the laws that the people of Israel adhered to.  Moses, their leader at the time preached the law as given to him by God because God saw his people being corrupt and undisciplined, needed this law. Because of their 'transgressions' as the bible says, the law was given to them. It included much more than just the 10 commandments. It gave instruction on every day life, just like we have laws today to govern marriage, court systems, crime and immorality etc. The problem was, that the religious leaders of the time grew to know and accept ONLY the 'Law'. They did not want  the teaching of Jesus to replace or change the significance of the law. Also, they feared that Jesus was to be considered above them which would take away their perceived status as religious leaders. There are a lot of Jewish people thoday (Orthodox Jews) that still feel this way; believing in the Old Testament only and that Jesus was not the Messiah. However, not all Jewish people believe this. There are many Messianic  Jews that do accept Jesus as the Messiah.

When Jesus came, and although he didn't dispute the law in its entirety, He made it clear to them that because of His new covenant with the people, there were aspects of the law that were not important compared to Faith in Him. In the New Testament, in the book of Galatians, chapter 4:21-31 explains this fairly well. It makes the comparison of the religious leaders who were 'attached to the law, who someday would be cast out as the casting out of  Ishmael who was Abraham's son of a bondwoman.

        “...So then brethren, we are not children of the bondwoman, but of the free”.  Gal 4:31.

Abraham was a righteous Man of God. God saw favor in him and made his covenant with him and his descendants... Issac and Jacob.