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How can there be "only" your God? All over the world we have many many religions and everyone within those religions believe their God is the only one.

     Your question emphasizes a very important point and that is that there are in fact many religions in this world.  As an example, here are some staggering statistics. There are approximately 456 million Buddhists in the world today, 950 million believing in Hinduism, 1.6 billion Muslims who have their faith in Islam, 107 million who are into Shinto, 20 million people that believe in Taoism and about another 350 million who practice Confucianism. Your statement that these ‘religions’ believe ‘their’ god is the only one is true also. That is where the issue lies. Religion is created by man. Within these religions, their beliefs are backed up mainly by passed on myths and man made created theology. None of them have thousands of recorded documents written over 2,000 years ago that prophesied  events that actually happened such as Christianity does, who presently has the largest population of believers in the world today with a staggering number of approximately 2.5 billion people.

    There is one clarification I’d like to make.In your question, you mentioned “your God”. Christians do not believe in “their God” as an individual God. Yes, you will here people refer to Him that way. I may even have pages on this site that make the same statement but those words are in the context of a personal experience with “our God”. The God that Christians believe in is the creator of Heaven and earth. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The one true God.

     What’s truly ironic is that many of the stated religions above have very similar belief structures, and if you take away all the man made characteristics about their god, there seems to be one similar belief, and that is that their/our God is the creator of all and deserves all of our worship.

   The difference with all of these religions is the individual perception of God, how we are to believe in Him, how we are to go about living our lives etc. Our (Christianity’s) guidance comes from God’s word directly, within the recorded pages of scripture in the Bible. The Bible is truly the inspired word of God. Yes, many of the stated religions believe the same thing about their recorded books, but, The Holy Bible is the only source that I am aware of that is consistent within its pages from beginning to end. Now I know this last statement will cause more disagreement than this page will address, but truly the confusion exists due to our lack of understanding the very one who created us.

    Jesus came to earth to dispel the various beliefs within His own people. To gives us direct teaching from God Himself. Again, None of the religions above can make that statement. Unfortunately God’s own word tells us we will naturally have the tendency to reject the things of God and go about our own man made beliefs;

   But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. 1 Corn. 2:14

     So, your question goes along with a very common belief. This actually is the reason why I chose the theme for this web site. God is NOT a religion, He is a REALITY.

      On the ‘Free gift’ page link at the bottom of this page, my wife made up a bumper sticker as shown below that puts it all into perspective.


I AM a reality. Not a religion.
Stop fighting. - GOD