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        This is where you can place a prayer request for someone (or yourself) who may be suffering from some sickness or other concern. Please enter your name, the person who you are asking a prayer for and your location. I will  post your request for others to pray also unless you request your prayer request not to be posted.. I will also personally put these people and their issues in my prayers.  Please use this form to enter your prayer request. God bless you all for praying for others in need.




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Name of person who prayer request is for
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Name: Karen Ponce                                                                              

Location: Philippines

Name of person: Myself and my family

Dear God please help get me  through these trials I am facing right now. Please do enlighten the mind of the father of my baby that he may have a father’s heart that he may love fully his child. Please also touches the heart of my twin brother that it may soften and also by your grace they will also be saved. Please have your way for all of us especially to me and my baby inside me. Thank you Father.

Name: Diana                                                                                      

Location:  Houston Tx

Name of person: Myself and my family

Dear God, I pray for my Family and I, that we may come together again as a family like we use to be. It has been a real trial for us for some of us cannot forgive..and let go of what happened a year ago so let us forgive one another and let it go...let us all do this with your Grace...Thank You God.

Name: Henry                                                                              

Location: Finland

Name of person: Satu

My friend moved to a new home. Satu has had a difficult season in the back and he has a history of mental illness. Could you please pray for a brighter future.