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No matter what country you are from. It seems we all have some questions that are common to us all. These questions are answered after prayer and to the best of my knowledge. My prayer is for God to directs these answers. I sincerely hope I can give some information on any issue you may be concerned with. I will try to answer every question that is submitted. If I don't have an answer, I have no problem telling you so. I will not make up one. I encourage you to give me input on what you have read on this site and also any scriptural information (backed up by actual biblical verses) you may have. If I am wrong about something, I will post that with any corrections needed.   Click on a question below.


-Realizing that everything in the world that has and is going wrong, what is God’s will for us? How does he show it and himself to us?

-Why does God allow suffering?

- Why does GOD let the poor suffer and die, while the greedy rich people live a happy life?

-Does God exist?

- I don't believe in a God I can't see.

- I was wondering if cavemen were real, and Adam & Eve were the First Humans, God created, then did cave-men & dinosaurs    exist before Adam & Eve? or after?

- I am wondering how all the nations came to be. If there were only two people in the beginning, how did they multiply and become different nationalities? The only way I see is through incest.......

- I have heard that God being in control of everything has decided ahead of time who will go to Heaven and who will not. Is this true?


- Is Jesus God?

- Should I refer to Jesus as "Jesus" or as "the Christ"?

- When Jesus Died to take away are sins, why do we still face God's Judgment?  Won't our sins be blotted out once we accept Jesus as our savior?

- Why do I "need" Jesus? My life is just fine.


- A Christian response to the unbeliever regarding the condoning of slavery in the Old Testament

- I am allowing the father of my children to move back in with us as he is ill and is homeless. My church found out and because of this, I am not allowed to partake in Communion. There is no sexual relationship between us and he has his own separate room. I was just trying to help. Is it right that my church is taking the stance? They are quoting scripture in Ephesians chapter 5 as their reasoning.

- If jealousy is a sin, then why does God say He is a Jealous God?

- Do the Psalms and proverbs have a place in the Christian church of the 21st Century?

- In the Ten Commandments it mentions God punishing the children for the sins of their parents. Does God really punish us for the sins our parents do?

- What is the ' Fruit of the Spirit'?

- I was told that what I was witnessing at a revival meeting was ' laughter of the spirit'. What is this? Is this truly from the Holy Spirit? If I  don't believe it is from the Holy Spirit, am I blaspheming? I am confused and have been   worried about this for a long time.

-I am looking for scripture that instructs us that the scripture is its own interpreter. Am I right that it is not man's duty to interpret the scriptures but to accept it at face value?

- I have been told Satan was originally the most beautiful and favored of all God's angels. Where in the Bible does it say that or reference to where Satan came from?

- What are the biblical grounds for divorce and remarriage?

- What do the scriptures say about worrying?

- What does the  Bible say about anger and resentment?

- What does the bible say about Psychics?

- What are the Ten Commandments and where in the Bible can they be found?

- What is Amageddon?

- Will God help us in making money or in advancing in personal gain?

- Are we living in the ' End Times'?

- Should we baptise in the name of Jesus or the Father Son and Holy Spirit

- Is the bible to be taken literally?

- Is tithing required of Christians today?

- In Colossians chapter 3 verse 5, it uses the word ' Passion ' as something we should get rid of in our lives. I was under the impression that   passion is a good thing.

- In 2nd Corinthians 6:14 and in Mathew 19:29 and Mark 10:29-30 it talks about leaving everything for Jesus. Are we to do this even if it means destroying our families?

 What does the word ' begotten ' mean?

- Where in the Bible does it say Christ was born on 12/25?

- How should we pray?

-What is being "slain in the Spirit" and where in the Bible can it be found?

- Why does every one live by the "Bible" when it's only part of the Bible? King James took books to make the Bible fit him.....

- Matthew 18:19 talks about if 2 of you agree in prayer then He will do it for you, however, we both know from experience that He doesn't   always do it. In fact, my experience has been that when I agree in prayer with someone, say that they do not die from cancer and they die   anyway's, then He has not honored His Word.

- I have a few questions with some verses in the Bible:

           1. What does it mean when the bible says that God is not a respecter of persons?  Does that mean that He will do for me what He                 has done for someone else?

          2. What does it mean when the Bible says that God's word cannot return unto him void?

          3. Also what does it mean when the Bible says that God places His word above His own name?

- What is the context of the book of   Leviticus chapter 19 pertaining to tattoos, cutting of hair and mixing of seeds in the same fields?

-I have been reading that the spirit goes straight to heaven when someone dies.  If  this is true, when do we get judged as to who will go to heaven or be thrown in hell?  I thought we "sleep" when we die and wait until the second coming.


- With regard to God’s promise to forgive our sins if we turn to Him, If a person has committed a serious crime or sin against another and eventually does turn to God, but refuses to show remorse for the act toward the one they have committed the sin against, resulting in continuing pain to the victim(s), will God forgive that person?

-I am a female in love with another woman. Will God punish me for that?

- We hear from various churches and denominations of those churches that a Christian has to do certain things, act in a certain way that shows their conduct is line with biblical teachings. But how do we deal with this struggle? How do we know what is ‘right’? How ‘good’ does one have to be in order to be in God’s grace and maintain their salvation?

- Is it true that at some point god will not forgive your sins and how do you know if you are one of those?

- I have been reading that the spirit goes straight to heaven when someone dies.  If this is true, when do we get judged?

- Why did Christ come to save us all when he did? Why didn't he come when Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of  Eden?

- I really don't have any need for this stuff and besides, I don't think any God would care about me.

- Is this forgiving others stuff really necessary?

- If someone says they are living God's plan for them but this includes a sinful relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend, can this be God's plan?

- What is the 'unpardonable Sin'?

- Why is being gay supposed to be a "deal killer" when it comes to getting into heaven?  Can a gay man be baptized and welcomed into    heaven?

- Why is same sex marriage so wrong according to Christians?

- I don't understand this issue of being 'born again'.

-Can a person loose their salvation as it is implied in Hebrews Chapter 6?


- How can there be "only" your God? All over the world we have many many religions and everyone within those religions believe their   God is the only one.

- Does the book of Corinthians teach the concept of  Purgatory?

- Which religion did God Create?


- They tell me, I can have spirituality, without God or Jesus, is that so?  

- Are Christian males required to be circumcised?

- Are we to be afraid of God? What does the 'Fear of God' mean?

- How Do I get in the will of God? - How much belief and faith do you need to be a Christian?

- I have a friend who is constantly hearing 'voices' that pertain to blasphemy, and they are beginning to wonder if  they are prompted by    satan. How can I comfort my friend?

- Are Christians allowed to join a Sorority or Fraternity?

- Do the dead come back to interact with the living or is the work of angels or demons?

- When God created man, He knew they would sin because of free will. Why then did He, the God of peace and love, kill almost   everyone in the Great Flood?  If  He knew they would sin, it seems to me that He 'threw a fit' and killed everyone (minus Noah,   etc.).  That seems   far from perfection to me. Am I missing a key teaching about this that explains His actions outside of the free will   concept?

- If God teaches us to love and accept one another, and to not judge thy neighbor, then why is it that we still have hate   and are ashamed of   our children, friends, and family when they make mistakes or do something that another does not   like? How can we overcome this and   learn to love everyone and carry on God's original intent of his teachings?