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Is tithing required of Christians today?

           The subject of Tithing is one that is still controversial throughout the church today. Tithing has its roots from the Old testament requirements, that every three years, shall be the year of tithing;

"At the end of the third year, you shall bring out the  tithe of your produce of that year and store it up in your  gates." Deut. 14: 28

The tithe was 10 percent of what ever you had. Money, livestock, agriculture etc. The Pharisees were very conscientious about the amount of detail of their tithes.

          The issue arises for us today, because there is no clear mandate from Jesus to continue this tithing. However, there is no clear Scripture that Jesus says all of the law of the Old testament is no longer necessary with His new covenant. In fact, in Luke 11:42, Jesus commended the Jewish leaders for their attention to the Law pertaining to tithing but rebuked them on their lack of attention to things of greater importance.

           I believe, that God certainly does not expect us to give up so much of our finances that we starve our children or neglect the very things He blessed us with, however if you have the ability to do so, not tithing, in my opinion would be a sin. For example this web site is one way in which I can tithe by maintaining the costs of producing it, the costs of sending bibles to various countries around the world and to whatever extent I can do. Is it enough? That's a decision that God will make. I believe It is what is truly in your heart that matters. Living a life to honor and glorify His name is what Jesus stressed throughout His ministry.