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      Slow down, just for 2 minutes. The time it takes to view this video. A wonderful representation that makes us realize who made all of this possible. For you and me. Why? Because our God loves His children. How serious is that love? Who do you know that could or would go to such extremes for His children? To make a wondrous, unfathomable creation with such perfection and beauty? Even the most minute detail is incomprehensible in its beauty.

      This video was sent to me in an email from my Mother, passed on to her by her friends. All who have significantly different religious beliefs than I do. But one thing in we all have in common, yes, even with non believers in the one and only true God who created all of this, is that it truly is, a “Wonderful World”. To Him, all the glory belongs. After viewing this video, realize God is a REALITY! - Enjoy!

                                      The heavens declare the glory of God;  And the firmament shows His handiwork.Ps.19:1  


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