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What Happened to America's Christianity?

        The founders of this great nation, came here with one major goal. To start a life in a new land by the guidance and gifts from God. Their true and sole purpose was thought to be obeying a command from God. To go and spread His word throughout this land. Even after all of the trials of their first settlement days, where death had taken it's toll amongst their numbers. Even after repeated please from others to return to where they came, they, the true founders of this great land called America insisted it was God's plan to stay the course and reap the rewards of living a Christian life.

      As I get a lot of comments on the above paragraph as to how these people went about accomplishing this, I agree and understand that they in fact went about it the wrong way, but that is not the point of this page. It is not the intent of this article to honor a people or any individual. It is to emphasize the IDEA that was in the hearts of the people which was to think and live for God. God was foremost in their minds.

        What has happened to those ideals? What has happened to the normal way of thinking that God came first. If you don't believe that this is the way it was back then, then I offer here some insight to some of the early teachings that our children were given in schools. Today's schools are nothing like it was back then. Even normal conversations amongst people are not even close to what it was. For example, if you were to start talking to someone about God, Jesus or Christianity in general, you have a very good chance at being looked at 'strangely'. Some may even say "oh, he/she is one of those bible thumpers". In essence you would probably be thought of as being weird. Back in the days of old, if you didn't talk about those things, you would be considered weird. It was unthinkable for them to say  that anything that occurred or did not occur did so without God's knowledge or direction. The irony is that most Christians today still believe that God is in control of everything. So why the difference? What happened?

        It is the opinion of this author, that Satan has achieved a 'temporary' victory. Temporary in the sense that all Christians know the outcome of that story. The deeds of the 'evil  one' has corrupted America (and the world) to steer us away from the the true intentions of our founders. To steer us away from God's purpose and drive us to our own desires. Our government today conducts business in a manner not even close to what is was like before. In the halls of every Congressional meeting back in the days of our founders, there would be praises of God, references to His will and prayer. Mention God in schools today and what do you get? Sued! Many people stand behind those decisions that speaking about God in school or in public places is 'unconstitutional' and 'offensive'. What our country was founded on, Christianity, we now try to limit, but things like Islam are welcomed, more every day. So what happened to America's Christianity? It is also my opinion, that the more we push God out of our lives, the worse things will get in this country. Do you think things are bad now? Keep pushing God out and watch what 'bad' can be like.

        We must remember the things of past times just as God directs us to remember things from past times. Isaiah said;

"Remember the former things, those of long ago; I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like me." Is. 46:9

The reason why God tells us to remember the things of the past is because our inherent nature allows the 'times of today' and the future to twist what was thought of as right and wrong and to forget God entirely, which has happened today in America.

      To give you some insight of school teachings of older times, below are two pictures of the New England Primer. A school book that was given to our children to teach them the Alphabet. How many books like this exist in our schools today.