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                                      OLD AND NEW TESTAMENT STORIES FOR CHILDREN and ADULTS

These are stories from both the Old and New Testament books of the Bible. They are accompanied with colorful graphics that will help you and your child understand and develop a love for the Lord. Some of the pictures are graphic as they show both Gods Love and wrath which will require you, the Christian parent to teach your child  why these things have occurred. It is suggested that you review the story first before you show your child. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader as the files are in pdf format. Click on a link below to view each story......................... Enjoy the word of our Lord.


                   The birth of Jesus                                    The Farmer and the seed                      Heaven God's beautiful home

                  Jesus feeds 5000 people                          The Prodigal Son                                   Peter and the power of prayer

                  Jesus stills the stormy sea                        The Church meets trouble                     Jesus the great teacher

                  Rich man Poor man                                The girl who lived twice                        Jesus chooses 12 Hebrews                        

                  The birth of the Church                           The first Easter                                    A Temple leader visits Jesus                              

                   The Woman at the well                           Jesus and Zaccheus                              Paul’s amazing travelers     

                   From Persecutor to Preacher                  A terrible time for Jesus                        

                  Jesus and Lazarus                                  The miracles of Jesus                             

                   The good Samaritan                                Jesus heals the blind


             The Full Story of Jesus - A 144 page document of the Story of Jesus from the four Gospels of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.


             What Manner of Man is this? - A Power point presentation with music about Jesus. You will need Microsoft Power Point

                                                          installed on your computer to view this.


              Tommy's Story for children - A true story about a little boy who was poor and had little, but had a wonderfully blessed ministry.


                   When God made everything                                     Daniel and the Lions den                                  Goodbye Pharaoh

                   Noah and the great flood                                         God honors Joseph the salve                     The great wall of Nehemiah

                   Daniel and the mystery dream                                 Jeremiah Man of tears                              The Prince from the river

                  Gideon's Little army                                                Samuel - Gods Boy servant                        Gods promise to Abraham

                  Jacob the deceiver                                                  The men who would not bend                            Elisha man of miracles

                  Samson - Gods strong man                                      God tests Abraham's Love                                Daniel the captive

                  The handsome foolish king                                       Ruth- a love story                                             Forty years

                  The start of mans sadness                                       David and the shepherd boy                               Isaiah sees the future        
                  A favorite son became a slave                                 Ezekiel Man of visions                                      The man of fire

                  Wise King Solomon                                                 Good kings bad kings