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Confused about God’s word? Got questions? Pray to the  only one who can give Truth. Our God through Jesus Christ.

            Then Realize, God is NOT a  religion,

                           He Is a REALITY.


Feel free to click on a link at the top or to the left and see if there are answers here that can help. I sincerely hope there are. I have chosen the title “God is a Reality” for this web site because the emphasis here is to let people know that God is in fact the only reality that matters. We often let our religious beliefs and denominational rules govern how we should come to know our Savior. I believe that the reality of His existence is very simple to understand.

     Bible study can be difficult. Our various interpretations  can cause the reality of God to become confusing and mysterious. This site is designed to present God's word in simple terms. The information here is not presented entirely by Theological interpretations as I do not believe God intended His word to be that  complicated. Jesus spoke simply for our understanding about the necessary things for our salvation. Things such as love, forgiveness and repentance, and they are clearly given in the Bible.


Have a question? click on the “Ask a Question/Contact page” link at the top and enter it there.  Browse through the subject matter, and even look at what other people have asked about.     

       Please feel free to sign my guest book. But most of all may God bless you for searching His word.

Please come back soon as this site is updated often.

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