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             This is a special prayer request for the disappearance of my wife's Niece 26 years ago who has never been found. Although authorities have re-opened the case once again, and we have had several searches for her remains, this  case still remains unresolved. The family needs you prayers for resolution so the suffering of their missing Niece, Daughter, Granddaughter and Friend and for the pain that has been experienced for all these years  to come to an end.





                                                       MELANIE JO MELANSON - November 1, 1974 - October 27, 1989


We never expected
when you went out that day,
your precious life
would be taken away.

The last time we saw you,
etched in our minds
your life taken from us
by hands not kind.

Sitting in the quiet
remembering your voice,
living with the hurt
because we have no choice.

You are more than just a picture                
another missing face,
you're a loved one taken  from us,
gone without a trace.

You are a Grandparents child,
a daughter, a sister,  niece,
a loving cousin and friend,
may you rest in peace.

We will continue searching,
praying for answers from above,
to find your remains,
and give you a proper burial

with love.

Not until we find you
can we slow the tears,
Dear Lord, and those who know,

please help us, it's been too

many years.

         Auntie Mary Ann

Click here to see a page that shows both Melanie and another beautiful girl Jennifer Lynn Faye who went missing one month after Melanie. Our family has been in touch with Jennifer’s family as we share their sorrow.