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          Do you believe in the power of prayer? Do you believe that God has a sense of humor? My answer to both of these questions is absolutely YES! The following story is true. It happened to my wife and I. There is no way anyone can convince us that God does not hear our prayers or does not have a sense of humor.

        It was in the summer of 2001. My wife and I had relocated to Florida,and were looking for land to build our house on. This part of  Northern Florida  (Ocklawaha) is beautiful, but one of the first things we noticed that Dunkin Donuts were not as common as they were up north. There was only one about 40 minutes away. We were used to going to one for coffee, sometimes twice a day. So crazy as it was, we would drive 40 minutes to our nearest Dunkin Donuts, get a coffee and hit the road. After several weeks of this routine, driving to Dunkin, get coffee, and hitting the road, we had driven over 1000 miles in our search! We were losing "the Joy" of finding property, and I no longer wanted to go look. That’s when it dawned on us, we were not asking for the Lord’s help and guidance on our journey. My wife started to talk to our Lord and pray. Her prayer was something like this;

                                                           “ Lord, forgive me for not including you in this sooner

                                                               please guide me,you know my hearts desire and my

                                                              vision of what I want my property to look like. I'm asking

                                                            for your help. Thank You. and oh, by the way Lord,  if you

                                                            can help me locate property with a Dunkin nearby that would be great "

Well, another week went by, then we found this lot that was just under 3.5 acres. In the Ocala National Forest. It was beautiful. Just what we wanted. Fenced in all around, surrounded by trees, just perfect. We were so excited!

      The owners kept a horse and a goat on the property. They made the beauty of it all so much more. We thanked the Lord! I pointed out to my wife, there was only one problem. It was rural, and the nearest Dunkin Donuts was 45 minutes away. I asked her if sure about this location? My wife responded, “that's Ok, for this I will do without”. Then she looked up and thanked the Lord. We called the Realtor and negotiated an acceptable price. I thought,  well, our prayers are answered, this property is perfect. What a blessing.

      The owners asked if we wanted to keep the horse and the goat as they had no place to put them. Well, the horse was not trained, so we told them no. They then called us back and asked if we would consider keeping just the goat because they couldn’t find anyone to take him The goat seemed harmless enough so we agreed to keep him. Hey, we never owned a goat before, and he was cute! The property owners were grateful and we now owned a goat. I then asked them, by the way, does the goat have a name? They said yes......................... it's Dunkin! I looked up to our Lord, chuckled and said “oh..., you are so good”.

    My wife prayed for a "Dunkin" nearby, not a "Dunkin Donuts Coffee shop" and we got one!  He is our personal testimony to the power of prayer and that God does have a sense of humor. Careful what you ask for, you just might get it. We did!