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                                                                   THE BOOKS OF PSALMS AND PROVERBS

PSALMS - The book of Psalms is a beautiful collection of hymns, poetic verses and prayers  that are from the heart of the authors to display their worship and praise for God. Their literary forms include laments, thanksgiving, hymnals and wisdom literature. The Psalms cover just about every aspect of human nature, problems, and fears in life that give comfort to the reader as much as they are cries for help to God. They are also prayers for forgiveness of sins and prayers of hope.

There are 150 Psalms in 5 books. They were written by several authors, mostly by King David. Below is a list of some of the categories (not inclusive)the Psalms speak about that are outlined in my study Bible and where they can be found. The five books  and the psalms they consist of are;

                  Book 1 - psalms 1-41

                  Book 2 - psalms 42-72

                  Book 3 - psalms 73-89

                  Book 4 -psalms 90-106

                  Book 5 -psalms 107-150

Reading these Psalms can have a tranquil effect on your troubled daily life. It has helped me in my studies, and 'trials' I go through. I would invite you to read the books of Psalms, and see if they have any meaning on any part of your life. You may be surprised at the insight a book that was written several hundred years before Christ was born can have on your life today.

                - Feeling of Abandoment - PSALMS 10

                - When your afraid - PSALMS 46

                - When your world seems to be failing apart - PSALMS 46

                - When you feel God has forgotten you - PSALMS 139

                - When you need wisdom - PSALMS 119

                - When you are tempted to loose faith in God PSALMS 62

                -  When your family gets on your nerves - PSALMS 127, 128

PROVERBS - The book of Proverbs is kind of an essential 'Life's advice' book that tells us how we should live according to God. They are verses of knowledge, life experiences, wisdom that can very much help us in living with one another and living correctly in God's view. The thoughts are provoking, sometimes convicting us of our sins and actions.  They are written to help us come to terms with human nature in a way no other book I have read has been able to. The book of Proverbs was written mostly by Solomon. It consists of 31 chapters of great teachings in short concise verses I think you will both benefit and enjoy reading. Below are some of the main titles of chapters (not inclusive) in the book of Proverbs;

            - The call and value of Wisdom - PROVERBS 1 & 2

            - Guidance for the young - PROVERBS 3

            - The peril of adultery - PROVERBS 5

            - Dangerous promises - PROVERBS 6

            - The blessings of wisdom - PROVERBS 8

            - Wise sayings of Solomon - PROVERBS 10-24

            - More wise sayings from Solomon - PROVERBS 25-31